About Us

As a leading provider of high-quality vacuum products and systems, along with an
established tradition of service and attention to detail, EzziLab has built a reputation for being a provider of high quality “Laboratories Equipment, Vacuum , Glove box & Thin Film Technology” products.

EzziLab in Australia is part of the Ezzi International Group of Companies founded in the United Kingdom in 2000. EzziLab's core business is the supply of laboratories equipment, vacuum, glove box and thin film coating equipment to universities, research & scientific institutes and industrial & manufacturing companies.

" With over 30 years of combined Laboratories equipment, vacuum, thin film technology and ophthalmic experience, Ezzi Vision can provide you with products, service, training, and customer support like no other supplier. "

EzziLab Sales 

Housing over more than 25 different dealerships and 10,000 varied products under one roof, EzziLab is truly a one stop shop for complete Laboratories equipment, vacuum solutions and thin film technology. Understanding the technical requirements of our clients clubbed with in time delivery are the aspects that has been the key to successfully serving our customers. We have a competent team of professionals who often put in that extra hour to ensure customer satisfaction, work with passion and strive to keep themselves in stride with new development in the industry.

Where The Magic Happens

EzziLab Service
EzziLab offers service through its facilities in Melbourne and Sydney. EzziLab has 5 technicians working both in-house and out on-site.  We can offer our customers Service Contracts covering both normal and preventative maintenance. The philosophy of EzziLab is to run an organization which provides professional, effective engineering and equipment to users of laboratories equipment, vacuum equipment in the Australian & New Zealand market. The need to provide this skilled knowledge and experience locally for Laboratories equipment, Vacuum & Thin Film Technology was magnified when it was observed that the local vacuum users were turning to overseas suppliers for equipment and support at a local level and that this was failing due to distance, time and language barriers.

Our aim is to provide fast and efficient sales & service support to our scientific & research customers and also cater to our ever growing customer base in the industrial sector.

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